DoubleTime Maintenance (Lists) Module

Maintenance (Lists) Module

Customize drop-down lists located throughout DoubleTime using the Maintenance (Lists) module. Commonly used information, such as a person’s title in the Contacts module or HUD-1 line descriptions in the Closing Statements module can be added. Municipalities and postal codes are also maintained in the Maintenance (Lists) module.

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DoubleTime Contacts Module

Contacts Module

The Contacts module is an electronic address book of all persons and entities with whom you come in contact during the processing of a transaction. Contact information may be viewed, modified, or added. Utilizing the Contacts module is required in order to create a complex signature block for closing documents.

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DoubleTime Office Settings

Office Settings

Office Settings is where preferred selections are established as a one-time entry and are stored as permanent selections. Changes to preferred selections can be made any time within the Preferences menu item. Some preferred selections are established for use across the office network.

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DoubleTime Account Maintenance Module

Account Maintenance Module

Account maintenance is used to establish escrow accounts within the DoubleTime application. Outgoing funds and incoming deposits are placed in these accounts when exporting to DoubleTime’s Escrow Accounting module, or other accounting software. Positive Pay templates are also established in account maintenance. Positive Pay is one of the ten recommended steps of Pillar #2 of ALTA’s Best Practices initiative.

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DoubleTime Document Customizations

Document Customization

Users have the ability to make changes to an existing DoubleTime document in order to create a new customize document. Copy an existing document in Microsoft Word format and paste the information into DoubleTime to create a new custom master document. Add field names to the new custom document to complete the customization process.

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DoubleTime User Settings

User Settings

User Settings is where preferred selections are established for individual users as a one-time entry and are stored as permanent selections. Changes to preferred selections can be made at any time within the Preferences menu item. Users establish electronic settings to enable the receipt of commitment and policy jackets written on Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. Once established, users have the ability to send completed policy schedules and underwriter remittance premiums electronically to The Fund.

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DoubleTime Clause Library

Clause Library

Using Clause Library Maintenance Module users can create new clauses, called user defined clauses. Standard and user defined clauses are retrieved by accessing the Clause Library that is available throughout DoubleTime. Standard clauses, including clauses from The Fund’s Standard Commitment Clauses Handbook, are included in the DoubleTime database.

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DoubleTime Utilities


The Database Backup utility will create a back-up copy of the DoubleTime database and increase the efficiency of DoubleTime. Users can choose to do a manual back-up of the database or receive a reminder message to back up when opening DoubleTime. Reminder messages display according to the number of days since last back-up or number of new files opened in DoubleTime.

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