Subscribing with an Online Notary Platform

  • Will I need a contract with a remote online service provider?
    Yes. Each RON Service Provider has some form of agreement that must be negotiated. 
  • Does The Fund or Old Republic care what platform provider I subscribe with?
    For a traditional RON signing session, where the principal is signing electronically over a platform that meets Florida’s minimum standards, The Fund and Old Republic do not care what platform is utilized. However, the platform must meet the minimum technological standards required by Florida law. For “PRON” signing sessions (see below), The Fund and Old Republic require the use of one of the following platforms: NotaryCam, Notarize, Pavaso/Pavaso Essential, SimplySecure, Nexsys or DocVerify.
  • Does The Fund or Old Republic limit the dollar amount of the transaction I am insuring with the assistance of online notarization?
    Not for “traditional” RON signings (those in which all documents are signed electronically). There are parameters for insuring the online taking of an acknowledgement for “wet-signed” paper documents and those can be found in an underwriting bulletin.