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Fund/Old Republic Bulletins, Blog & Resources on RON

Does The Fund maintain a webpage devoted to RON?

Yes. Visit the Digital Closing webpage in the Information Center for the latest updates on RON. 

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Does The Fund’s General Counsel have a blog that provides updates on RON from time to time?

Yes. Visit the General Counsel Blog online. You can also signup to get new blog articles will be delivered to your inbox.

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Has The Fund or Old Republic issued any formal underwriting bulletins on RON?


4/17/2020 - Fund/Florida Underwriting Bulletin Modifying Online Notary Requirements

4/08/2020 - Fund Underwriting Guidelines Incident to COVID-19 Pandemic

1/07/2020 - Underwriting Guidelines for RON

Please refer to The Fund’s website ( for additional bulletins as they are released.

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