Finding an Online Notary

  • Is there an approved list of online notary service providers in FL?
    No. While the state of Florida mandates that RON service providers adopt minimum technological standards, no list of approved providers is maintained.
  • Does The Fund or Old Republic care what online notary service provider is used?
    For a traditional RON signing session, where the principal signs electronically over a platform that meets Florida’s minimum standards, The Fund and Old Republic do not care what platform is utilized. However, the platform must meet the minimum technological standards required by Florida law. For “PRON” signing sessions (see below), The Fund and Old Republic require the use of one of the following platforms: NotaryCam, Notarize, Pavaso/Pavaso Essential, SimplySecure, Signix, Nexsys or DocVerify.
  • I am not a Florida registered online notary, but I need one. What do I do?
    There are several companies in the market that provide online notaries “on-demand.” They include NotaryCam and Notarize and more platforms are beginning to offer this option. Be advised that these companies are facing high demand for their services and there will likely be a wait time before a signing session can be scheduled.
  • I can’t get through to a RON service provider that provides online notary services. What’s this about the Fund RON Member Locator?
    In response to the high demand for online notarization, The Fund created The Fund RON Member Locator. This is a list of Florida registered online notaries, all Fund Members or their staff, who are proficient with RON and have agreed to assist other Fund Members in need of an online notary. The fee to be charged is a matter to be addressed between the Members.
  • I’m a Florida registered online notary. How do I get on the Fund RON Member Locator?
    Please contact Fund General Counsel Melissa J. Murphy at A level of proficiency with RON will be expected.
    Fund Member RON Locator