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2016 ALTA Commitment

Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation (“OIR”) has approved the new 2016 ALTA Commitment for Title Insurance with Florida modifications for use in Florida. The new 2016 ALTA Commitment is a more streamlined commitment which clarifies obligations between the Underwriter, proposed insured and title agent.

The CF6R 2016 ALTA Commitment became available for use. Members are strongly encouraged to use the new form.

The use of the new commitment will be mandatory after a short transition period.

How to Access the 2016 ALTA Commitment Schedules and Jacket

  • DoubleTime® Users: DoubleTime® includes the new commitment or the new jacket and Schedules are available to download below.
  • Non-DoubleTime® Users: The new jacket and Schedules are available to download below.
  • ePolicyManager Users: The new jacket can be obtained within the software or is available to download below.
  • Fund Branches: All new commitments issued by Fund Branches will be the new commitment.

Instructional Guidelines

Use the "Supplement to the Fund Procedures Handbook" for additional information and instructions on filling out the Schedules and jacket.

Supplement to the Fund Procedures Handbook

Exhibit A - Example of Jacket

Exhibit B - Example of Schedule A

Exhibit C - Example of Schedule B-I, Requirements

Exhibit D - Example of Schedule B-II, Exceptions

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