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14.28 Where do I enter Loan proceeds from a 2nd (second) loan on the primary loan’s CD?

  • When working with multiple loans, it will be required to check the “Separate Statement” checkbox in the Closing File module, Loan tab for DoubleTime’s Balance Sheet to remain in balance. The 2nd loan’s settlement statement should be accessed first and all figures entered in. Take note of the amount on line 303 that is shown under the Totals Summary tab.
  • Select the Open button on the secondary toolbar and switch to the primary loan’s CD settlement statement.
  • On Page 3 Summaries of Transactions, select an available row in Section L and enter in an appropriate description and type the proceeds amount from the 2nd loan. Do not set a payor for this line. DoubleTime will automatically handle the 2nd loan payor on the Balance Sheet.
  • Check the Balance Sheet to verify you are in balance.

NOTE: If the proceeds amount is changed on the 2nd loan’s settlement statement, you will need to manually update the amount in Section L of the CD to remain in balance.