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18.01 How do I retrieve the updated Fund Data File (.FPX) the branch has sent me after requesting a Rework?

If the Rework was requested via an email or phone call to the branch, they will re-deliver the .FPX file under the original order number.

  • Open the Status module in DoubleTime and highlight the row that shows the original order request.
  • Next, click on the 'Re-retrieve' button on the secondary toolbar or select 'Actions' from the main menu bar and then 'Re-retrieve Product From Fund Servers'.
  • Click 'Yes' after being prompted that re-retrieving the FPX file will replace the current data file with the updated one sent from the branch.
  • DoubleTime will automatically download the latest FPX file for the highlighted order and update the Delivery date and show a "New" button under the Import column.

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