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Electronic Delivery

8.01 Setting up Electronic Delivery How do I get my jackets electronically in DoubleTime? Or How do I submit my policies electronically?

  1. Confirm that your FundNet User Id is setup to deliver Fund Forms electronically
    1. Your FundNet admin can check this for you and ensure that the proper checkbox has been selected
  2. Open Preferences > User Settings > Electronic Delivery Tab
  3. Check off the Enable Electronic Delivery box
  4. Select the Default button
  5. Enter your FundNet User ID and Password
  6. Select Test Connection
    1. If successful, close your and save the changes. Now you will be able to receive your jackets from the Policy Module and delivery the Policy electronically from the Rating Module.
    2. If the test fails, make sure Step 1 has been addressed. If your user id is setup correctly in FundNet and you’re still experiencing issues, please contact the Help Desk at 800-421-9378.