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6.02 How do I move the Database from one server to another?

6.02 How do I move the Database from one server to another?

NOTE: It is imperative that you perform a DoubleTime backup before starting this process. This will ensure that you move the most current database AND you have a recovery point if needed.

  1. In the DoubleTime application on the old PC, go to Utilities > Database Backup and browse to the location you want the backup files to go to
  2. The files that will be backed up are called dbltime.db and dbltime.log
  3. It would be best to run the backup to a location that is easily accessible. Once they are created, copy them to a mapped network drive or an external drive so that they can be moved to the new DoubleTime PC.
  • Standalone to Standalone
    1. On the new PC, insert the DT6.0 install cd
    2. The install wizard will appear and you will select the “Install/Upgrade” option
    3. The setup screen appears and asks you for Standalone or Network, select the STANDALONE option
    4. Click next on all of the following screens to complete the install
    5. Browse to the location where you backed up your database and copy the backup files (the dbltime.db and dbltime.log files) to C:\ProgramData\The Fund\DoubleTime
    6. Log into, select Support then DoubeTime to locate and install the most recent version of DoubleTime
    7. Open up DoubleTime, you should see the files you were last working on. If DoubleTime is not opening or you receive an error message, please call the Help Desk at 800-421-9378.
  • Network to Network
    1. First stop the DoubleTime Database Service on the server currently holding the DoubleTime database
      1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
      2. Locate the DoubleTime Database Service
        1. Highlight the service and change the startup type from Automatic to Disable
        2. Select the STOP button to stop the service
    2. Browse to C:\ProgramData\The Fund\DoubleTime to locate the dbltime.db and dbltime.log files
      1. Save these two files to an external drive or mapped network drive so that they can be accessed by the new server
    3. Go to the new server to run the DT6.0 install cd
    4. Select the Install/Upgrade option when the install wizard appears
    5. When asked for Standalone or Network, select the NETWORK option
    6. On the next screen you will be presented with two main check boxes, one for Client and one for Server
      1. The type of license purchased by the member it will determine which box to check
      2. Note: If you do not know the type of license purchased you can contact your Sales representative.
      3. If the PC that is hosting the database also needs to serve as a client check off BOTH the Client and Server boxes.
        1. In the subsections for Client and Server select the options that reference PTP.
      4. If only the database is to reside on the server then only check off the box for SERVER.
        1. For the Server subsection, check off the option that references Network.
      5. Select next on all of the following screens.
    7. Notes:
      1. We strongly recommend that the default locations are selected throughout the installation
      2. On the Server >Network type of install, you will be prompted to enter in a password. This password must be entered in by a Fund Help Desk Rep by calling 800-421-9378. We will remote in to your environment and enter the password. THIS PASSWORD CANNOT BE PROVIDED OVER THE PHONE.
      3. You will also be prompted to enter in the IP Address of the server that the database will be residing on.
    1. After the install completes, temporarily stop the DoubleTime Database Service by selecting Start >Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and locate the DoubleTime Database Service. Highlight the service and select Stop
    2. Once the DoubleTime Database Service has been stopped copy the backup files (dbltime.db & dbltime.log) that were saved and paste them into C:\ProgramData\The Fund\DoubleTime. Be sure to do a copy and replace
    3. Go back to Services to start up the DoubleTime Database Service
    4. If the Client portion was installed, Go to to upgrade from 6.0 to the version that the database
    5. Add the program exception for DoubleTime's Database service to Windows Firewall or any other Firewalls on the network. This file is located at C:\Program Files(x86)\The Fund\DoubleTime\SQL Anywhere\bin32\dbsrv11.exe

      NOTE: Moving Doubletime from one Server to a new Server frequently results with a different IP Address on the new Server. If a Doubletime clients is not able to connect to the database, they may be pointed to the old IP address.
      1. On each client PC, browse out to C:\ProgramData\The Fund\DoubleTime, open up the DTDBConnection.XML file and edit the IP Address that is listed to reflect the new IP address. If an IP address is not listed please contact the Help Desk at 800-421-9378