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Contacts Module

5.01 How do I delete a Contact?

  • Open the Contacts module.
  • Select the Contact Type (i.e., Corporation, Estate, Guardianship, Individual, Other, Partnership, Trust, or All).
  • Enter the name of the contact and click OK.
  • From the File menu, select Delete Contact.
  • A Confirm Delete window is displayed.
  • If Yes is selected and the contact is already used in a closing file, the contact cannot be deleted.
  • If the contact cannot be deleted, you can change the contact to inactive by clicking the Active check box to remove the check mark. The contact will no longer be displayed in the list of active contacts.

5.02 How do I correct a Contact name?

  • Open the Contacts module.
  • Select the Contact type (i.e., Corporation, Estate, Guardianship, Individual, Other, Partnership, Trust, or All).
  • Enter the contact name and click OK.
  • Make the corrections and save changes.
  • If the contact is a Buyer or Seller in the active closing file, the Buyer or Seller Update window appears and displays the proposed name revision(s).

5.03 Multiple Tier Contact - I need help setting up a buyer/seller that has a corporation (or legal entity signing for it.

  • To setup a 3 tier signature block where a buyer/seller is a Corporation or LLC and they have another Corporation or LLC signing for them the following steps will have to be completed:
    1. First set up the middle tier or the company who is signing for the entity.
      1. Under the Contacts Module, select the Contact Type = Corporation, fill out the name and click on the “new” button
      2. Under this Corporation, go into the tab that says Employees to add the individual who will be signing for this company
      3. NOTE: If you are not sure of the individual to sign, please select the contact titled “unknown”. You must have someone added under the employee tab of this contact for your signature block to appear.
      4. Once you add the Employee name, be sure to select their title and check off the “sign” box
    2. Next open the Contacts Module, select Contact Type “Other”, fill out the name of the main entity of the signature block and click on the “new” button. This will add the main seller/buyer to the Contacts list. Select the “Associates” tab and then double-click in the Legal Entity box (this enables us to add (insert) a Legal Entity (IE: Corporation, Other, Trust, etc…) and then click on the Insert Button (the little green plus sign ). From there look for the 2nd tier contact we previously setup as a corporation. Once located, highlight it and select “OK” or double-click on it and this will populate it into the Legal Entities box. You should also see the individual for the second tier contact displayed in the box below Legal Entities.
    3. Once this has been completed and saved, add the main entity contact that we setup as OTHER on the buyer or seller tab in the Closing File Module. You can then check the Seal or go into your documents (in the Docs module) to see how the signature block appears.