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Closing Insight

17.01 I received an e-mail directing me to a link for Skillport for training on Closing Insight. Is this a valid e-mail?

Yes. Closing Insight is utilizing Skillport as a way to deliver training videos and materials to their users. Training is mandatory and each user must certify that they have completed the required training prior to being able to use Closing Insight.

17.02 I don’t see DoubleTime listed as one of the available software companies. How do I enter DoubleTime as my software provider?

In the Software Company field select the Not Listed option. You can then enter DoubleTime in the Software Company Name field. If this is entered incorrectly or left blank upon initial registration, you will need to contact Closing Insight support to have it updated.

17.03 On the Billing tab, my only option for Billing Preference is Credit Card. Is a credit card required in order to register with Closing Insight?

No. If you enter Clsinsght in the Promotional Code field, you will then have the option to select Paper Billing from the drop down list for Billing Preference. By selecting Paper Billing, you will not be required to enter a credit card number.

17.04 Do I need to enter my E&O insurance information on the Insurance tab?

The Insurance and License tabs are required only for those who are configured for appraisal products. Settlement Agents do not need to complete these tabs.

17.05 I clicked on the CI (Closing Insight) toolbar icon in DoubleTime and it takes me to a website, is that correct?

At this time, clicking on the CI toolbar icon in DoubleTime will direct you to RealEC Closing Insight’s Registration page. If you are already registered and wish to access Closing Insight’s portal you can do so by going to In the future, this button will house the DoubleTime – Closing Insight integration. There will be more information coming on this future integration in the next few months.

17.06 Is DoubleTime integrated with Closing Insight?

The Fund is currently in the RealEC’s 2nd integration group of planned software providers.  We are waiting for RealEC to finish working with their first group and start working with our DoubleTime team.   In the interim, you may register with Closing Insight to utilize their web interface. Register with Closing Insight at