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Balance Sheet Module

2.01 My Balance Sheet is Off Balance (incoming funds exceed outgoing funds or outgoing funds exceed incoming funds)

  • While under the Balance Sheet, click on Actions (at the very top) then click on Regenerate Balance Sheet
  • NOTE: Regenerating the Balance Sheet may reset some payees or undo combines and splits.

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DoubleTime Balance Sheet Module

2.02 How do I get the Mortgage Broker Check to show up on the Balance Sheet from a GFE HUD?

  • This is done by withholding the correct amount from line 803. You have to take line 803 – Mortgage Broker Check = Amount Withheld on line 803.
  • Typically this will be a negative number

2.03 How do I combine items on the Balance Sheet?

  • Click the boxes beside the line items that need to be combined.
  • Click the Combine (C) icon to combine the selected lines. The combine will appear at the bottom of the balance sheet with a total line displaying the total of the combined lines.

2.04 How do I un-combine a combine on the Balance Sheet?

  • Select the line item that needs to be un-combined.
  • Click the Undo Combine icon.

2.05 How do I split items on the Balance Sheet?

  • Select the line item that needs to be split.
  • Click the Split (S) icon.
  • Enter the amount to be received by the payee.
  • Press the Tab key to identify the next payee and amount.
  • Click OK when finished.

2.06 How do I edit a split on the Balance Sheet?

  • To edit a Split, select the original amount that was split, then click the Split icon.
  • Here you can change, add, or remove amounts.
  • Click OK when finished.

2.07 The Export icon on the Balance Sheet is disabled. Why?

  • The Export icon is disabled if there are negative disbursements that have not been combined with other line items, i.e., a negative Aggregate Accounting Adjustment amount.
  • The Accounting Export function is also disabled if you are out of balance.

2.08 How do I fix the Balance Sheet when it does not match the HUD?

  • Open the Forms Tracking module.
  • Select the Title Agent, Underwriter, Form Type, and Form No. (without Prefix), and click OK.
  • Change the Form Status from Used to Received.
  • Exit the module and save changes. The serialized form is now available for selection in a new or existing file.

2.09 Using a CD and my Balance Sheet is out of balance by the 2nd loan proceeds

Check the Closing File module, Loan tab and make sure that “Separate Statement” is checked for the 2nd loan. The amount on line 303 for the 2nd Loan settlement statement should be entered in Section L on the primary loan’s CD. It is important NOT to select a payor for this row. DoubleTime will automatically handle the 2nd loan payor on the Balance Sheet. Check the Balance Sheet to verify you are in balance.