Digital Conference Manual

Receive your Conference Manual in digital format.

Early Bird Discount Ends 2/28

Convenience, Go Green, Save Money

By choosing the digital manual option at registration,  you will receive your conference manual in digital format instead of the printed binder.

Your digital copy of the Fund Assembly Conference Manual will be sent to you via email a few days prior to the start of the event. There will also be a webpage to download the conference manual from in case that is needed.


Go Digital Assembly Manual


Don't carry around a bulky binder. Download your manual in digital format and have it everywhere you go at Fund Assembly.

Go Green

Going digital is not only good for your wallet, but good for the environment too!

Save Money

Going digital saves you $50 at registration.

Search & Bookmark

Easy navigation with bookmark management and search. Search for exact phrases or general keywords. Add and edit your own bookmarks that save and synchronize

Create Notes

Full commenting, annotating and highlighting tool set, including page info, added date and annotation contents with page quick-jump.

Custom Views

Multiple page view options for ease of reading. Page views support single page, continuous page, facing and thumbnail modes.

Multi-Device Support

Access the manual on all your app devices through synchronize, email, messaging or cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.